Home Extensions

By An Experienced Sussex Builder

Extending you current home is often the most cost effective way to create the living space you need and want.

Our professional team of builders are ready to help you build that extension. Safely, quickly and on budget.

Rear Elevation - Alternative Photo - Brickwork Example - Albany Homes Southern LTD - Henfield - Built In 2019

Full Extensions

Turning your plans into a fully finished extension

Partial Builds

Limit costs by building the superstructure only

Second Entrance Wall to the Albany Homes Southern LTD Estate


Foundations, drainage and all standard utility service connections will be installed.


Get the exterior walls and roof of your new extension built, insulated and weather tight.

Rear Elevation - Alternative Photo - Brickwork Example - Albany Homes Southern LTD - Henfield - Built In 2019

First & Second Fix

Internal walls, staircases, electrical and plumbing services,  plastering and painting.

Home Extensions

Make your living space bigger, by extending the house you already have. Give the project to us and we’ll make sure the build is completed and that your home extension stays on budget.

We appreciate that the cost of building materials and tradesmen has gone up recently – but our professional team will always do everything possible to make sure you get the best value for money.

Rear Elevation - Alternative Photo - Brickwork Example - Albany Homes Southern LTD - Henfield - Built In 2019

Drawings, Permission & Controls

Extending your home needs to be done correctly. We’ll make sure it is.

Design drawings are needed for you (and us) to work from. That work will need to be signed off by building control. Depending on the size of your extension, then you may also need planning permission before any work can start.

The good news is that if you need drawings we can connect you with architects that we trust, offer advice on how to get planning permission and we will always make sure that the building work is approved by you local councils building control officer.

What help do you need?

We don’t have to build everything. Now that may sound like a funny thing for us to say, but just like you, we’re very aware that the cost of building materials (and just about everything else) has gone up recently. However, specifying how much of your extension is built by a contractor like ourselves and at which point in the extension building process we stop may afford you some very cost effective options. This is especially true if you already have the skills needed to complete any of the late stage work (e.g. painting or fitting new flooring) yourself.

The number of requests we’ve had to work on this basis have been increasing steadily and if there are elements of extension that you can do by yourself then we’re happy to support that. We’re still here to put all the basics in place, such as a weatherproof superstructure with sign off from building control, and then hand it back to you.

We don’t have to build everything

If this ‘partial build’ option sounds like something you might want to explore, then let’s talk about how it could work for you and your home extension. We’ll be able to discuss which structural elements you need us to build &/or at which point during the first or second fix stages you want us to hand things back over to you. As long as we know in advance, then we can plan to hand the superstructure back when the work reaches a certain point, allowing you (or your own tradesman/tradeswoman contacts) to finish the rest of you home extension project.

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